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We’re in for a bumpy ride in 2022

Credit: lassedesignen

“Greenflation Is Very Real and, Sorry, It’s Not Transitory,” read the headline of Bloomberg opinion columnist Javier Blas’s latest article. Marking yet another day in the botched transition toward a carbon-neutral future, Blas’s piece highlighted the most alarming episode in a brand-new series of governmental ineptitude. According to both the…

America’s “stock market tantrum” is likely to blow over

Credit: RomanR

After a massive unwinding of its financial bubble myriad, China and its languishing economy could be on the mend. Following President Xi Jinping’s preside over a Politburo meeting last month, ending in “a signal of easing,” the People’s Bank of China has cut its reserve-requirement ratio (RRR) for minor, major…

Is fear reaching its apex the start of at least one quarter of real economic prosperity?


“Crypto Tokens Plunge In Fresh Sign of Global Market Nerves,” a Bloomberg headline read last Saturday, becoming the latest installment in the media’s collective obsession over inviting economic doom.

Lately, however, this manufactured sentiment appears to be warranted. News of the emerging Transformers variant “Omicron”, and anxieties over a liquidity…

Multiple markets are signaling turmoil ahead, but a correction might take longer to occur than anyone expects

Credit: Oleksandr

After releasing a viral piece at the start of November, about the upcoming “fakest year-end economic boom” on record, we’ve seen stock markets perform a half-pipe move similar to Tony Hawk attempting a 900. In other words: rampant, exponential, and endless in airtime.

Driven mostly by Big Tech behemoths making…

As the latest mania reaches its peak, crypto’s elite have gone all-in on one final swindle

Credit: Sersoll

Late last Sunday, we witnessed the latest episode in the seemingly endless transmission of end-of-the-world predictions. Sporting Bitcoin’s signature emblem, the cringeworthy — and somewhat abandoned — “laser eyes”, Olympic rower-turned-crypto bro Cameron Winklevoss took to Twitter to don some tinfoil hat:

By declaring an imminent hyperinflationary collapse, the…

The latest madness and tomfoolery behind the scenes must indicate peak euphoria, right?

Credit: grandfailure

On October 19th, 2021, Hindenburg Research, the iconic short-seller who’s helped take down the golden age of fraud’s various poster children, fancied the backbone of the crypto ecosystem Tether as its next victim, releasing a report calling into question the “stablecoin” issuer’s claims that most of its reserves, now supposedly…

The elites have printed their way to a phony economic romp, but what have they unleashed in the process?

Credit: New Africa

This Monday, following an epic rally in just about every risky asset class, the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors released the latest version of its Financial Stability Report, a biyearly gargantuan-size review of what officials think poses the gravest threat to Wall Street’s financial colossus.

Despite the seriousness of this…


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